Femme Vitale

With Femme Vitale you

1. Tone your arms by awakening the natural pattern of spiral muscular wrapping
2. Improve your cardio (REALLY!):
Your heart loves differently after readjusting the rib cage posture, rejuvenating the lungs and conditioning the breast tissue.
3. Get beautiful skin glow with harmonizing of lymph flow, breathing and metabolism
4. Nourish your soft tissues and vital organs by gentle internal massage, which looks like a sensuous dance
5. Reduce stress, refresh your mind and enjoy a lighter, slimmer, more peaceful yet vibrant, graceful and happy you.

Featured Testimonial

I've tried a few dance fitness workouts, but never got much result from them. By a friend recommendation I tried Femme Vitale, which was different. What we did was not just pretty dance moves. Those beautiful specifically selected moves affect woman's health and form a graceful desirable physique. As a result, after just two hours my body felt light, uplifted and energetic - and it didn't hurt! My face became softer and the waist felt and looked trimmed! My husband and children noticed that immediately! - Irina Dobrova, manager, Moscow, Russia.

Upcoming Femme Vitale in 2014:
Sunday November 9th, 2-4pm and Tuesday, Novemeber 11th, 6-8pm

Register here or call (518) 222 7470

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It is a series of love and care for self. At times I felt as if my body was filled up with magic bubbles and floated in the air. I was consumed by endorphins of happiness! After such a therapy the body responded and presented me with smooth, glowing silky skin, not only on the face but all over the body. So you see the cause and the effect! -Sveta, software developer, Moscow


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Femme Vitale ?

Femme Vitale was created for my female clients and inspired by spheres, circles and spirals of a female body. It's natural for women to relate to curvy and spherical shapes, because we composed of them. In a way, we, women , emphasize the natural circular and not linear, proression of life.

more >> Is Femme Vitale right for me?
Femme Vitale is created with love and respect for female body and mind, and their needs. In Femme Vitale your body can look and feel stress-free, beautiful and resilient without suffering and pushing through, yet by doing very pleasant, natural and attractive moves. If you want to improve your body now, rather than complain about its aging, Femme Vitale is an easy and efficient way for enhancing your physique, mood and energy now and set up a preventive measures for the future. You won't feel exhausted or in pain after Femme Vitale session, yet there would be changes - you feel elongated, light, slim and happy. Femme Vitale draws on proven well-known techniques, philosophies and disciplines I studied and practiced, such as Rhythmic Gymnastics, Gyrokinesis, Ballet, Dyna Bands, the authentic art of Chinese taiji and qi gong, Indian, Central Asian and North African dance, yoga therapy and Sufi whirling meditation.

What Results should I expect?
Immediate results: "feeling the waist trimmed", "discovering new sensations", refreshed, uplifted pieceful and graceful you.
Long term results: toned and shaped upper and under arms, waist, pain-free shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, real cardio endurance, more energy and more compliments.


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