Silk Moves: Fit and Feminine

With Silk Moves you

1. Tone the under arms and get a full body stretch
2. Improve your cardio, while being entertaind by colors and flow of silks around you
3. Harmonize the lymph flow, breathing and metabolism
4. Nourish the breast tissues, the heart and lungs
5. Reduce stress, refresh your mind and feel lighter, slimmer, more peaceful, vibrant, graceful and happy after every session.

Featured Testimonial

I love to dance and have taken many different types of dance classes, but new experiences always tend to feel a bit awkward. Julia immediately made me feel welcome by individually selecting for me a beautiful copper-colored silk from her collection, as she did for each class member. She then went on to explain how she designed her unique program to help build strength and fluidity in the body, as opposed to many other dance forms/programs that often tear the body down over time. Her goal is not for her students to mimic her exact moves, but instead she encourages them to find their own unique inner-dancers and indeed once the class started moving, the studio was transformed into a beautiful collage of multicolored swaths of flowing silk. I loved her varied and eclectic music choices and found her class to be liberating, challenging and fun. I left feeling lighter, more feminine and fluid in my movements, like a piece of silk floating in the wind. - Julie Mallin

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I thoroughly enjoyed the Silk Moves class. You are brilliant to have come up with this way of aesthetic conditioning that is so satisfying to see and feel. When I was dancing and singing along (which I could not resist) and seeing the colors swirling all around, it was like being in an exhilarating, ecstatic trance. Perfect! - Lisa Callan, NYT Media Group

It is a series of love and care for self. At times I felt as if my body was filled up with magic bubbles and floated in the air. I was consumed by endorphins of happiness! After such a therapy the body responded and presented me with smooth, glowing silky skin, not only on the face but all over the body. So you see the cause and the effect! -Sveta, software developer, Moscow


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Silk Moves ?

Silk Moves was created for my female clients and inspired by dance and fashion. Many urban women, having to take care of career and familly, have very little time for themselves. They often have to choose between working out or going out to have fun. Silk Moves combines fitness and playtime for women. Silk invites us to play a dress up, because it always flatters the body. Every woman knows that trying on different outfits is a workout! So, with my background in performing arts and fitness I combined a theatrical dress-up with exercise for a chance to exercise feminity, sensuality, sassiness and playfulness, as well as beautiful aesthetic lines and curves. It's hard to express feminine side in the practical, fast-paced career and family life. Only something absolutely unique and beautiful, such as lustrous silk flow can take modern women's mind off things and immerse them into realm of sheer delight and playfulness. Even an hour of Silk Moves's stretched, expansive movement, beautiful visuals and comforting sensations of silk recharge the mind, shape up the body and refresh your unique feminine essence.

more >> Is Silk Moves right for me?
Just as my other creation, NY Gypsy Dance Workout, while entertaining and fun, Silk Moves is created with love and respect for female body and mind, and their needs. In Silk Moves your body can look and feel stress-free, beautiful and resilient without suffering and pushing through, but by doing very pleasant and attractive moves. If you want to improve your body now, rather than complain about its aging, Silk Moves is an easy and smart way for enhancing your physique, mood and energy. You won't feel exhausted and in pain after a Silk Moves session, yet you'd feel elongated, light, slim and happy. Silk Moves draws on proven well-known techniques, philosophies and disciplines I studied and practiced, such as Rhythmic Gymnastics, Gyrokinesis, Ballet, Dyna Bands, the authentic tradition of Chinese and North African dance, Ayrvedic color therapy and Sufi whirling meditation.

What Results should I expect?
Immediate results: "feeling the waist trimmed", "discovering new sensations", refreshed, uplifted pieceful and graceful you.
Long term results: toned and shaped upper and under arms, waist, pain-free shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, real cardio endurance, more energy and more compliments.


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more >> After Julia's workouts I feel more playful, more graceful, and more self-confident both on and off the dance floor. - Julia G., Attorney. NYC.

What we did was not just pretty dance moves. Those beautiful specially selected moves affect woman's health and form a graceful desirable physique. As a result, after just one workout my body felt light, uplifted and energetic - and it didn't hurt at all! My face became softer and the waist felt and looked trimmed! My husband and children noticed that immediately!- Irina Dobrova, manager, Moscow, Russia

It fills my soul to be in your classes. This Silk Moves workshop was especially wonderful not only for me but I could see everyone else enjoying themselves, too. I came to class very tired and was captivated right away by the colors and special quality of silk. It is a truly sensuous and also a spirit lifting material. I loved the combination you gave of learning how to use the silk with expression in harmony with the music. Thank you so much for the way you are always exploring and sharing your searches for dance that moves us in so many ways. - Roberta Altman

Silk Moves classes help to not only enhance your physical well being, but also your spiritual well being. When I dance with silk there is a peace, a freedom that I feel. It is so wonderfully uplifting. It's like you are flying. You cannot help but feel happy and joyful when you are dancing. Silk Moves works your arms out, but you won't feel tired but invigorated after it...It was lots of fun; the colors of the silks were so beautiful and magical. I enjoyed every minute of the classes. Thank you for your insight and sharing your talent. - Christine Sampson

...a popular, appealing class. I loved how you distributed the different, magnificent colors, each to support each person's essence....loved my color, too. The music, as well. Wonderful choices. - Marjorie Liebert