Just the SPINE workshop

With Just the SPINE you

1. Open the stagnated and painful areas in the spine
2. Improve your flexibility
3. Harmonize the posture from front to back and side to side.
4. Nourish intravertebral discs, ligaments and muscles, surrounding your spine and spinal cord
5. Reduce stress, refresh your mind and feel more peaceful, vibrant and content after every session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Just the SPINE?

Just the SPINE is based on the warm-up exercises I developed for my dance fitness classes. As a fitness professional, specializing in yoga therapy, qi gong and tai chi, I know the spinal health is the most important part of your fitness.
Teaching open level classes prompted me to develop the all-inclusive warm-up to bring anyone, who steps through the door of my class,
into the state of a safe comfortable and - CAPABLE- body before the excitement of the dance hits.
Having all shapes, sizes and ages in my classes helped me to see very clear, what is the condition of contemporary urban postures and joints
and how to structure quick yet safe fixes. For years, my answer has been - "Just the SPINE".

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Just the SPINE is created with love and respect for human body and mind, and their needs. In Just the SPINE your body will gradually release the stress, inflicted by bad posture and compression of the intravertebral discs, nerves, and ligaments. Without suffering and pushing through, but by aknowledging the power of a concentrated mind and your breath. If you want to improve your body now, rather than complain about its aging, Just te SPINE is an efficient and easy way for enhancing your health and mood. You also will feel taller and slimmer just byut having your posture readjusted. Just the SPINE draws on proven well-known techniques, philosophies and disciplines I studied and practiced, such as yoga therapy, qi gong, tai chi and Russian and American corrective sport exercises.

What Results should I expect?
Immediate results: feeling and looking taller, discovering new sensations, refreshed, uplifted, pieceful and content.
Long term results: pain-free lower back, better breathing and lung health, more energy and more compliments.


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