December 5th and 6th, 2015
Russian Gypsy Magic : Dance to Be Free

Dance into the world of freedom, passion, joy and unique style of Russian Rroma

Russian Gypsy Magic: Dance to Be Free

For you to fully enjoy Russian Gypsy dance spirit,
Julia Kulakova, the dance researcher, movement specialist and
the performer praised for "her impressive Russian-style Gypsy dancing" by The Observer,
designed Drills for Deep Abdominal Integration
and defined the concept of Body-Music Connection.

Featured Testimonial

In March 2008 I came all the way from Sweden to New York with an ambition to have one week of intensive training with Julia Kulakova, after seeing her Russian Gypsy dance on the net. It was indeed an exciting week! Julia Kulakova is not only a remarkable dancer with a unique and broad repertoire; she is also a very talented and pedagogic teacher. The hours in her studio were filled with a combination of disciplined training, laughter and, maybe most of all, with guidance into the magic and stories that make choreographies alive. I got what I wanted - and even more! Thank you, Julia! - Karin Liljequist, Stockholm, Sweden

This holiday season give yourself a gift of joy

Russian Gypsy Magic: Dance to Be Free

at Anahid Sofian Studios

December 5th, 4-7pm and December 6th, 2015, 1:30-4:30pm. One day or both

Email Julia at for registration and details

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I have been taking dance classes for years and it helped me to mediate my emotions, but in Roaming Rroma worshop with Julia for the first time I really enjoyed myself in dance! When I danced Tzigani dance I felt really good and free! I love those new feelings and these sensations, it was an unbelievable experience! - Elena Bondesan, Florence, Italy


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